Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Is there more to life than being happy

An article from The Times was mentioned in The Week, debating the value of just being happy. Being happy is obviously good and worthwhile for society as a whole, but the author Philip Collins adds to argument the benefit for society, as a whole, of a few unhappy people. As examples he uses musicians and artists, but also comments on campaigners and carers. Although as individuals they may not be very very happy, they have "devoted themselves to causes that defy their own well being".

If there is more to life than trying to be happy (which I believe is important, but only half the battle) then what is it????

Using the cases of the carers and campaigners, fulfilment must come into it, as well an contributing to something greater. Society should be very grateful to those people who help the rest of us seek happiness.

This relentless focus on happiness can make one feel very sad - turning unhappiness into a positive is something I strive to achieve having been handed a fair chunk of unhappiness through illness.

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