Thursday, 21 January 2016

Dear GovNet Advisory Board, This is Groundhog Day, From a Patient.

Since this letter has been published, it has been brought to my attention that there were speakers who had long term health conditions. They were listed in their professional capacity with specific organisations to talk about their organisational experiences rather than from a patients' perspective. Although I can no longer say there were no people with long term conditions at the event, the sentiment of this letter, where the day to day on the ground experience of everyday people with long term conditions was lacking at the event still absolutely stands. I refer to David Gilbert's blog, "We are all patients. Yes and no." to explain this subtle but important difference.
From my perspective, the event still didn't have the opportunity to hear directly from people with long term conditions or carers about what matters to them, and that needs addressing. 
My apologies if I have mislead anyone. 

Dear Rt. Hon Lord Foulkes of Cumnock, Baroness Hilary Armstrong of Hill Top, Lord Archy Kirkwood of Kirkhope, Sir Robert Worcester KBE, DL, Lord Goodlad KCMG PC and Cheryl Gillian MP (GovNet Advisory Board),

As the Advisory Board for GovNet, I wanted to let you know about the Long Term Conditions 2016 conference that took place today that was run by GovNet.