Sunday, 19 January 2014

Getting my head around 'functional neurological symptoms'

I have a number of firm 'medical' diagnosis to explain the bulk of my symptoms, but one of my symptoms is currently free falling into the category of "functional neurological symptoms" and I'm facing the medically unexplained head on. Gulp.
I say it like it is something new. It isn't. Ever since I have has these particular symptoms (intermittent weakness in my limbs), the doctors have been at a loss to any reason why. I think I knew deep down that there probably wouldn't be a nice tidy diagnosis to explain it, but it has taken a year or two for that feeling to bubble up from my sub-conscious. But here is it in clear daylight.  

The aim of this blog post isn't to indulge myself, but to raise awareness and try to explore some of the stigma associated with this area of neurology. I know there is low awareness and high stigma, because it has been a step learning curve for me and I have stigmatised myself about it frequently.