Publications and Articles

Wessex CLAHRC 
Prioritising the fundamentals of care with patients, professionals, carers and the public
(Dec 2016)

Research Involvement and Engagement 
Determining priorities for research to improve fundamental care on hospital wards
(October 2016)

British Medical Journal (BMJ) 
(Sept 2016)

The Health Foundation 
A practical guide to self-management support
(Dec 2015)

British Medical Journal (BMJ) 
Rapid Response, with Nick Cork, Can consent drive patient empowerment and self-management? (May 2015)

British Medical Journal (BMJ)
Patients and Healthcare Conferences: What does true involvement look like? (March 2015)

The Health Foundation
What does quality mean when we are talking about self-management? (Dec 2014)

British Medical Journal (BMJ)
Patients need support to self manage their long term conditions (April  2014)

British Medical Journal (BMJ)
Independent Commission on Whole Person Care for the UK Labour Party (March 2014)

Health Services Journal (HSJ) 
All health conferences should have a people's panel (December 2013)

National Voices
What personalisation means to me (December 2013)

The Health Foundation
There is a person in the patient (November 2013)

The Lancet Student
Perspectives on the concept of 'routine' (June 2013)

Department of Health
Long Term Conditions Strategy (May 2012)

Talking Health
My Story and the Self in Self-Management, January 2013

Working Lupie
Chronic Conditions in the UK, March 2013

Expert Patient Programme (now self management uk)
Introduction to new blogger - Anya de Iongh, March 2013
Self-Management, Students and Syndromes, April 2013

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