Saturday, 11 August 2012

Food for Thought

I enjoyed a very interesting, stimulating and thought provoking discussion with a friend about the benefits of healthy eating . . . What are the real benefits of it - the physical nutritional value or the psychological virtuous feeling you get know you are doing something good for my body?!

They can both be very powerful effects! I will leave it the scientists and research papers to prove to you the benefits of a good diet - they have a wealth of data.
For me, food is one of the only things that I can actually have control over in terms of my health, so I try to optimise my diet giving my body what it needs in an attempt to heal myself in the only way I can. I may sound like a control freak, but I think many other people can empathise with me on this one. I feel sludgy when I eat junk - caused by physical or psychological reactions I don't know. Perhaps my body has acclimatised to the healthy things I give it? There is no doubt, I hope, that this healthy eating will have delayed the onset of further conditions and illnesses, but the jury is still out on the benefit it has had for what I live with now. It has not cured me (I know it wont!), and I still feel grotty most says, but as I alluded to in another post (What is the benefit?), I may be feeling a lot more grotty if I wasn't eating what I do...

But if I can help myself psychologically now and protect myself in the future, that seems a pretty good balance for me right now! It is an added bonus that I find the healthy stuff really yummy as well. I guess this a real case of food for (positive) thought! Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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