Sunday, 19 August 2012

BBC Paralympic Drama: Best of Men

The best drama/documentary I have watched in a very long time.

Deeply moving, inspirational, funny and so relevant on so many levels. The attitude and insight of the German doctor was remarkable - but his ideologies still remain somewhat remarkable today. Although rehab is widely available for such spinal patients today, the concept of "of course your arms will hurt if you don't use them" is not as integrated in practice to modern medicine as we may have thought. One of the things that stuck me was how much a 'breath of fresh air' the doctor seemed - he was exceptionally revolutionary at the time, but his ideas still seem fresh today - keeping patients mentally and physically stimulated, for example! Although in far better health that the boys of the ward, there is much for me and other people with long term health conditions about regaining our lives and practical approaches to doing so!

I can not wait for the Paralympics, and am sure I will find them truly inspirational, especially given the context of their origins.

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