Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The role of the Pharmacy

There is much debate about the privatisation of healthcare services, but right under our noses is a really positive example of private companies complimenting the services of the NHS . . . Pharmacies!

They represent an excellent resource for patients - information, support, signposting etc. It was not until the Expert Patient Programme that I realised what services pharmacies can offer. They are an excellent advice centre for anything to do with medications and side effects - a great port of call before a GP. They also can do quick blood pressure checks. The very nature and location of then takes away the tedious nature of going to the GP surgery - it is in town, so just like any other errand I have to do, and they don't have long waiting times either! It doesn't feel like a medical appointment, which is very refreshing and helps maintain that normality people with LTC crave!

In the scope of self-management, staff are receiving a wealth of additional training and I hope that pharmacies will become well used hubs of self-management advice! I have certainly found them to be an invaluable additional weapon in my fight against my conditions!

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