Saturday, 11 August 2012

What is the benefit?

I have just tried a new medication and have not noticed any benefit. I have been doing Pilates and Alexander Technique for months on top of efforts to fit in physical activity each day. I eat well, and do relaxation techniques to look after myself mentally. I get adequate sleep and don't drink. By all accounts I should be feeling on top of the world! But have I actually noticed the benefits of all of these activities? Sort of! But what is the kind of benefit I am looking for?

Sometimes the benefits can be hard to see because it is the prevention of further decline/symptoms and not necessarily a direct positive change in symptoms. That usually means these activities are really important to do, but sadly not seeing direct positive benefits can make it difficult to find motivation for doing them, and sustaining them.

I am beginning to lean that such is life with a long term condition - there will be hoops like these activities to jump through, where there seems no reason. I think its about trying to associate positive emotions/rewards with these activities - for example the psychological benefits of the healthy eating I mentioned in my last post. I find action plans really helpful too (I am very much from the Expert Patient Programme school of thought on self-management in this case), but I am not pretending there is a simple solution out there. Although I must say, fear of what will happen if I don't keep up all these healthy habits is a pretty good motivator! Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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