Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Seeking release

Just caught a really interesting and inspiring chat on Mid Week on Radio 4. They were interviewing members of the cast from a touring cultural olympiad show - In water I am weightless. . . . It is about taking away the burden of disability and embracing what you can do! They had a very inspiring attitude and I think it will bring hope to others. The title of the show is a wonderful phrase and reminds me of the film I recently watched called Inside I'm dancing. They are both about release from disability and it's confinements.

One phrase used in the radio article struck a cord with me; "I was fine being in a wheelchair but having others watch and look at you in a chair is very different." I think that really highlights the stages of recovery and expectancy. Being public about disabilities is quite a step. I sought comfort from that, realising that it is not just me who feels at ease with my condition until I face people! It can be very disconcerting and feel like you have taken a few steps backwards when you.are faced with these public situations, but really it is just part of the change curve and lifelong process of acceptance.

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