Sunday, 8 July 2012

Community Reporters

I have just been on a three-day training course by Peoples Voice Media on Community Reporters.
As a concept, community reporting is quite simple, but the more I leant about it, the better and more exciting the concept became.
In the context of healthcare, empowering patients by giving them a voice is very valuable. In contrast to other 'voice gathering' tools, community reporting seems to have the capability to create true stories in a format that is digestible, and really empowers patients and those reporting.
The applications in healthcare are numerous, and particularly with young people who are often hard to engage - at the age when most people take good health for guaranteed and so may not traditionally engage! But the use of technology should make it attractive for young people to become involved. At the same time, however, the technology is not prohibitive to other generations, and being interviewed by a community reporter doesn't require any grasp of technology.

Check out Peoples Voice Media for more information, and watch this space for some community reporter videos and podcasts . . .

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