Thursday, 22 March 2012 is 'the home of the self-management community', and has a large collection of links, information and news relating to self-management.

QISMET (Quality Institute for Self-Management Education and Training) is described, with an example of some recent work (see here). It is encouraging to see that the self-management community is so official and regulated, to guarantee a high-quality service to patients. I think it gives the field a lot of credibility.

It is very good at signposting to other resources, in this case, the Health Foundation's new £7.5 million programme, Co-Creating Health. It aims to understand how best to put self-management support at the heart of care for people with long-term conditions. From my reading so far, it seems to be very worth-while, addressing the main issues around self-management, and incorporating the high-level strategy one can expect from The Health Foundation.

Jo Bibby, Director of Improvement Programmes at the Health Foundation said, ‘There is compelling evidence that, for people with long term conditions, self management support reduces anxiety and depression; facilitates a better quality of life and enables people to feel more in control of their health’.

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