Monday, 19 March 2012

Patient Experience: An Infographic

I think infographics are a really effective way of presenting information, and here is a very clear one on the patient experience. Additional ones from the same series look at communication and education. It is American, so the context is slightly different, but a large number apply to the health system here. Some of the statistics that jumps out are me below:
  • By conducting interactive care, such as post-discharge calls, organisations achieved a 74% reduction in heart failure readmission rates
  • 50% of patients walk out of the physician's office not knowing what they were told or are supposed to do
  • Physicians often over estimate the topics and duration of what they have talked about with their patients
  • 19% higher risk of non-adherence among patients whose physician communicates poorly than among patients whose physician communicates well
  • 90% of adults have difficulty following routine medical advice
  • Yearly cost of low health literacy to the healthcare system (patients not taking medications and not seeking appropriate treatment) = $238 billion per year
  • In the average physician-patient interaction, patients do 33% of the talking and asks 5 questions, compared to the 25 asked by the physician (some patients ask 0-2, according to Verilouge)
  • Patients with mental health problems engage for a greater proportion of the consultation than patients with physical conditions

Source: BerylHealth, Verilogue, OrcaMD

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