Saturday, 31 March 2012

Health Talk Online

Health Talk Online is the portal of the organisation DIPEx (Database of Individual Patient Experience), and linked to the Health Experiences Research Group at Oxford University.

The quality and experience of the staff behind this project is impressive! How does one get involved in these projects without a PhD or years of high-level DH/NHS experience?!It is so inspiring and exciting to come across projects like this, combining real patient experience with academic credentials!

The website aims to share the experience of illness or a health problem and to provide support for patients and carers who may feel that they are on their own, answer the questions and problems that matter to people when they are ill or have a health-related problem and to help them make informed decisions about their healthcare, provide reliable, evidence-based information about illnesses and health problems, be an educational resource for health professionals and promote better communication between patients and health professionals.

One quote from the website that really stood out to me (partly because of the story-based work I am doing with a charities information service) was this:

"True stories are...nutritious and sustaining. They feed the mind with information and the heart with hope and strength"
 Philip Pullman

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