Monday, 12 March 2012

BMA Self-Management

The BMA have a page dedicated to their efforts on training GPs in supporting patients to self-manage their own long-term condition (see here). It has some great ideas, and identified the needs of these patients . . . . . but I can't see what is being activly done to raise the awareness of these ideas/needs with a GP?!

The joint PLG and GPC paper recommended that “Every person diagnosed with a long term condition should know how to gain information on their condition and how to develop their self management skills through education available from the NHS and voluntary and community sector organisations. Every patient should also know who, as well as their GP, may be able to give advice and support.” 

In order to better self manage their health, patients need be able to:
  • get information about their medicines and advice about taking them
  • understand their test results and what they mean for the management of their condition
  • find sources of reliable and up to date health information to meet their specific needs
  • find out about national and local support groups and organisations
  • know about generic or condition-specific education programmes that could help them self manage better
  • gain access, where appropriate, to technologies to assist them in self monitoring and self medicating.

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