Thursday, 22 March 2012

ENOPE (European Network on Patient Empowerment)

The European Network for Patient Empowerment (ENOPE) is holding its first conference on 11-12th April 2012. It is a shame I can't go, but next year . . . . !

"Issues such as greater access to information and knowledge – increasing use of social media – experience with self-management programs – the new legal requirements for patient involvement – the reorganisation of health care systems – the availability of new technologies – all of these are creating a new dynamic through which patients and citizens are redefining their role in relation to health and social care. We believe this to be the critical shift towards building an approach to health and social care that is appropriate for the 21st century."

A new resource on the ENOPE website details the discussions for the conference - read it here. It covers stakeholders, strategic challenges and lots about the benefits for patients (in specific circumstances, such as LTC etc.!) so makes for useful reading!

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