Friday, 30 March 2012

Pharma-sponsored Information?

Having being brought up with Guardian Weekly and The Constant Gardner, I have some degree of scepticism towards pharma companies, but during my time in medical PR I saw the work that goes into producing some of the medical information. This blog post discusses the role that pharma should play in informing patients. Although the commerical nature of these companies is going to influence their practice, that applies to companies promoting (often bogus or even dangerous) natural remedies too! Which is worse?

As the blog says, there is a lot of research and information that is not in the public domain at the moment. Sharing that, like the new UK Biobank scheme (see here) hopes to promote, can surely create wider benefits for the medical community.

The source of any information should be clearly stated, however, and that applies to pharma too. Weather patients choose to ignore it or not is another matter. But it might help the community as a whole?

Source: Pharma Guapa blog

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