Thursday, 23 February 2012

Translating DH tools to real patient experience

The DH has published many tools for those working with patients with LTC . . . (see examples here) . . . Of course the quality of the work done by these professionals needs continual improvement and adjustment, like any profession, but I can't help thinking the access and quantity of the service also needs to be increased too! I have never come across any such support in my experience as a patient. Access to these programs needs to be improved so more patients can benefit from the excellent programs of support and management they offer. In a resource-limited situation those most needy must access the service first, but with this approach rolled out across the whole healthcare service, many patients with LTC that are only semi-debilitating miss out on all support until the associated stress has contributed to a deterioration in their physical symptoms such that they are significantly debilitated. Preventing illness is important, but preventing progression of an already present but not yet serious illness is an often forgotten but highly effective approach that should be given higher importance.

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