Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

This is a really refreshing organisation - The Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington D.C. - some great ideas supported by lots of research, and a lot of focus beyond western diseases and using these techniques in areas suffering with war and natural disasters.

Of particular interest was their Mind-Body Medicine Training Program Research (A study performed at Georgetown University School of Medicine with first-year students using the Center for Mind-Body Medicine's program and University of Washington School of Medicine study shows decreased anxiety in 2nd year students), which gives strong evidence for introducing these ideas to clinical students. As with anything, a personal positive experience is an effective way to ensure the message is spread - if medical students experience mind-body connections not only are they more likely to recommend such ideas to their patients, they are taking with them through their medical career a strong understanding (or at least appreciation) of the power of the mind, which I feel can be an invaluable attribute for them when dealing with patients.

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