Friday, 24 February 2012

Session 1 of the Expert Patient Program

I started the first session of six of the Expert Patient Program Self-Management Course today, and it was fantastic! It was the first time I had really met a group of people with similar experiences to me - it is so refreshing and comforting and reassuring to not feel alone, or to feel that I have over-reacted to my own situation. Hearing grown men talk about their difficulties was amazing - it illustrates the power of group that everyone felt they could share their thoughts. The content of the course was brilliant - covering dealing with difficult emotions and the challenges of doing physical exercise whilst suffering. It was honest, helpful and practical - completely grounded in the tutors experience and delivered in a sensitive and relevant way.

I am now really looking forward to reading the Self-management of Long-term Health Conditions - A Handbook for People with Chronic Disease!

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