Sunday, 5 February 2012


Having just signed up to start an Expert Patient Programme, I am getting really into the idea of self-care. The national health policy is a lot about us taking responsibility for own health - there is a lot that patients with long-term health conditions can do help themselves. This can provide an invaluable sense of independence.

This self-care booklet is fantastic (published by NHS Dorset).

To pull out some quotes that really had resonance with me . . .

"True collaboration with patients and professionals can complement traditional medical care."

"Health professionals often reach the limit of what they can do to improve your long term condition, but you will never reach a limit to your own ability to self care and make improvements to your own quality of life."

"Medicine only ever has limited success if you are not prepared to help yourself as well by self caring to the best of your abilities."

Food for thought!

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