Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Invisible Illness Awareness

A really refreshing and wonderfully honest website dealing with the issues patients  face when their conditions are invisible.

The tag line "when "you look so good" isn't a compliment!" is very true! Although being able to avoid the challenges of physical deformities, there are another set of challenges to face when you don't LOOK ill! Of particular interest to me were these articles. . .
"You look so good!" To wear make up or not?
Am I too invisible for Accessible Seating?

Although American, these are totally universal experiences. It is so reassuring to find others talking about it - easily relating to their stories - and the difficulty of explaining invisible illness to others.

My mother shared with me this technique, and this letter to explain the fatigue of illness. . .  
The Spoon Theory: It is such an accurate, moving, and honest portrayal of a life with limited energy reserves! And explains something which I find almost impossible to explain to even my closest family and friends.
Open Letter: again, very honest about the fluctuations of illness and mis-interpretations of these!

Reading of shared experiences brings such reassurance and comfort!

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