Wednesday, 22 February 2012

National Institute of Whole Health

Another American organisation . . . The National Institute of Whole Health has some great ideas and projects, working towards a healthcare system that looks at patients in a more holistic way and aims to empower them through education. They offer training to bring these ideas into clinics, and have a strong philosophy, which I think is very interesting. Translating these ideas into practise in a resource limited setting is the challenge!

"Nature is the reflection of the innate order, perfection and interrelationships of creation. Life is not only physical and chemical, mental and emotional; it is also an expression of a profound spirituality, which we do not yet fully understand. Given this, it becomes appropriate to approach health care from a whole person oriented philosophy which is educational, focused on disease prevention and, to the extent possible, fully engages the participation of individuals in their health recovery process."

"What does an ideal whole health practice look like? 
 being with the patient, rather than practicing on him; on educating the patient, rather than merely treating the symptoms. It was a "relationship-centered patient education model"!


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