Wednesday, 31 October 2012

LT6 Questionnaire

I came across the LT6 Questionnaire during some work looking at how to identify people with LTC who are ready to embrace self-management and 'ready, willing and able' to change. I wasn't sure what it was like as a tool, so decided to fill it in myself to see what it was like in practice!
According to the DH, it measures changes in knowledge, beliefs and perceptions which are necessary to sustain over time. The questionnaire can be read here: Pages 35-36 of this DH QIPP Long Term Conditions document.
My answers are at the end of this post, but this is what I thought of the questionnaire:

  • It is good in that it identifies the key issues through the six questions: person-centred; shared decision making; information provision, management support; and integrated care
  • It possibly ignores the role of third sector organisations in filling in the gaps of the healthcare professionals (for example, information from disease specific charities and self-management skills from EPP courses). 
  • Having the open-ended questions at the end can help people expand where they need to
  • It is so generic every patient can answer it, without it seeming abstract and irrelevant, which is both important and impressive! 

I wonder how often it is used, and by whom? Wouldn't it be good as a screening thing before appointments with HCP, to prompt discussion?!


(Answers are multiple choice)

1. Did you discuss what was most important for you in managing your own health?
Not at all

2. Were you involved as much as you wanted to be in decisions about your care or treatment?
Not at all

3. How would you describe the amount of information you received to help you to manage your health?
I rarely received enough information

4. Have you had enough support from your health and social care team to help you to manage your health?
I have not had enough support

5. Do you think the support and care you receive is joined up and working for you?

6. How confident are you that you can manage your own health?
Somewhat confident

The questionnaire ends on two open-ended questions:
How could your care be improved?
Greater integration between healthcare professionals, more pro-active and management plans! 

What would support you to feel more confident?
Easier system to contact specialist nurses/doctors for reassurance in between appointments

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