Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Context of Control

Where would I be without BBC Radio 4?! Another great program that highlighted some key issues and provoked further thought . . .

The Forum programme discussed the concept of control and how we strive for control over our bodies and how disease can often cruelly take away that control. There were several interesting points. Firstly, the suggested made by one of the guests that illness had made her a nicer person - I immediately disagreed. Anyone will vouch for the fact that I can be very grumpy, bitter and angry about my situation . . . But I thought more about what she way saying and I do think that the experience of ill health (particularly ongoing illness) can make one much more empathetic and understanding - both important qualities! She also summed up brilliantly the limitations and change that her illness has imposed on her life: I have found new interests as I can only do a shadow of what I used to which is hard to face up to.

Control over our bodies is something everyone strives for - examples given on the programme include cosmetic surgery - but the need for that control only seems to become great when the control is out of reach! The sense of loss of control is one of the hardest things I have had to face, but I guess I didn't appreciate the control I did have (among other things!).

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