Sunday, 7 October 2012

Another physical vs. mental debate!

At a patient conference debate recently a clinician was explaining the psychological aspects of conditions - the consequences of these diagnoses and their effect in turn on the initial physical symptoms - quite a good topic to be given credit by a member of the medical profession and handled very sensitively.

He posed the rhetorical question "why is it easier to accept physical failing than mental failings?"

He didn't really have an answer, and I am not sure I do either! But it does succinctly explain the relief when there was a physical cause of my symptoms! We are what we are mentally more than physically, from a personality and character point of view. Physically our bodies are just vehicles for our minds to act through - may be that is why!? WE are failing as ourselves if we suffer from mental illness?

Whatever the answer, the essence of the question is very true and represents a wider perception of society I think! If anyone has any good answers, do comment!

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