Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Another fantastic article from Melanie Reid

Another week, another truly amazing article in the Saturday Times magazine, thanks to Melanie Reid again!

Using the wonderfully accurate analogy of "snakes and ladders game" she explains exactly what I feel about the ups and downs of life with a long-term health condition:

"Snakes and ladders is a nice symbol for the unpredictable vicissitudes of my life: a game of optimism versus frustration; a supreme test of patience."

"Fact: when you're recovering from a broken spine, or indeed any life-changing illness or injury, you will always land in the snakes more often than you encounter the ladders. Fact: you also learn, painfully, that the snakes never go away. Fact: happily, neither do the ladders."

How wonderfully refreshingly honest and realistic yet comforting!

When reflecting on possible improvements she has made, Reid comments that "in the absence of a scientific answer, it comes down to whether you are a glass-half-full or half-empty type." In the absence of medical information, thee is little else to go on, making psychological support so important and central to the management of those challenging LTC! Sadly, that important is not yet reflected in some care pathways and doctors minds! But hopefully with mainstream newspapers publishing things like this each week, drop by drop, Reid could start off some ripples!

She ended with this, which after the rest of the article brought a tear to my eye and left me bowled over by the honesty, optimism and sheer awe that she could put into words so eloquently exactly how I feel! THANK YOU MELANIE!

"After my injury, I used to wait for the time I would be better. Cruise until I was back to my big stuff. Then I realised that whatever I am doing now is part of my life. Getting better will happen anyway, and to discard the summit of the mountain and put my all into every experience, every foothill, every unsteady step, that keeps me joyful on this journey without end. So I cling to my ladder, and smile at the view."

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