Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Brain and Spine Foundation

Yesterday I had a completely novel and wonderful experience - I spoke to a qualified healthcare professional within minutes about a concern, had my concern and emotions addressed and felt reassured!
 Concerned about possible side effects with the Alexander Technique, I did not feel that I could discuss it with my consultant because he was a) impossible to get hold of outside of appointments and b) this was too minor to hassle him. My GP is fantastic but often refers me to my consultant for the specifics about my conditions. I am still waiting for a specialist nurse!

So, I rang the Brain & Spine Foundation, spoke to a lovely friendly neurology nurse who reassured me about trying this new therapy, checked that my condition was being appropriately managed and was enormously reassuring.

UPDATE: I have had another fantastically reassuring and comforting call with a nurse from the Brain and Spine Foundation, and have been reminded what a fantastic service they provide. Even when there is no answer to my difficult questions, they can reassure me, and help just by listening. They also now have a great forum for people to discuss all things neurological.

Being able to call and speak to an expert is an amazing service, and provides invaluable reassurance! Thank you Brain & Spine Foundation!

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