Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Messages about Medication

Of the key issues that patients have to self-manage when they have a long-term health condition is their medications. Remembering to take them and managing the interactions and side-effects can be a real challenge.
A study discussed in  the GP publication PULSE, has found that weekly text messages can be a useful tool for clinicians in helping increase patients adherence to medication regimes. It is relatively easy to implement as a system, but might not address the issue for elderly patients who are not using mobile phones? But a significant proportion of patients are tech-savy and use mobiles . . . it will be interesting to see the uptake by local NHS clinics? There are a number of other examples of text messages being used that I have discussed on this blog, and for younger patients who can often feel very isolated by their condition, I think it could have a positive effect. I wonder how many managers, nurses and doctors are on-board?

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