Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Health Foundation Self-Management Resource Centre

I have recently come across this gold-mine of self-management resources on the Health Foundation website!

It is full of practical advise and great information . . . patient stories, project examples & tool kits, tips for doctors . . .

As well as being really useful for one of my current projects, it is enormously reassuring to see self-management being taken so seriously by such an influential organisation in the health-care sphere. The striking thing about the site is the focus on support - by definition, self-management is done by the patient (the clue is in the name!), but the Health Foundation have recognised that self-managers needs support to start, and to self-manage optimally. That is quite often the key to successful self-management, so great that support is given weight here. However, as a seasoned self-manager, its maintaining the positive self-management behaviour that takes serious effort! The clue is perhaps in the name, but when oneself-manages a long-term condition, it really is for a long time!

Finding the motivation to sustain all the little different things I do can, on days, daunt me so much it terrifies me. But being able to use sites such as this to remind myself of the positive benefits can help boost the motivation when I need it!

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