Thursday, 6 February 2014

Time to Talk

It has been more debilitating that any of my physical symptoms (including loosing movement in all limbs).
The side effects from the medications have been among the worst I have had.
It has flattened my ability to look after myself and self-manage my other conditions. 
The other 'treatments' have been the hardest things to do.
Maintaining the helpful management techniques each day often take all my energy & willpower.
I can't look after my other health conditions without addressing it., 
I find it surprisingly hard to utter the word itself out loud when referring to myself.


This is why the Time to Change #TimetoTalk day today is so essential. There is such stigma around mental health, that I have experienced from many different directions, but often from myself towards myself. Although I have long been aware of my mental health, I have only recently realised how much of an impact it can have on my physical health - the two are 'me'. It's not just me. I'm just one person that helps to make up these startling statistics...  People with one long term health condition are 2-3 times more likely to suffer depression than the rest of the population, and people with three or more conditions are 7 times more likely to have depression (source: NHS Confederation).

Life is full of ups and downs, but deep downs can have what feels like vertical walls. Once on the level again, you realise how low you were. The fear of returning remains, as you feel poised at the very edge of a cliff, where it really doesn't take much to send you back to the bottom. Particularly when what has caused the depression has been a long term health condition which isn't going to be going away. 

It's time to talk. It is time to talk, and say what I've found so hard to say out loud before. I have depression.

Than you to #TimeToTalk for giving me the courage to finally talk about this. 

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