Thursday, 15 November 2012

NHS Acronym Buster - UPDATED!

Acronyms are apparently a necessary evil within the NHS, with so many complex departments, structures and roles, before the medical jargon even begins!
I always find it refreshing going to meetings as a patient representative and asking every few minutes what that TLA (three letter acronym) means - only to have quite senior NHS come up to me at the end say "Thank God you asked, I had no idea what it was either!!" This website of NHS acronyms is going straight onto my favourites ... and possibly, on the favourites of quite a few NHS staff too . . .

NHS Confederation Acronym Buster

Brilliantly useful - I can't believe how many acronyms there are (and this list doesn't even include many of the medical ones...)

And, there is now an Acronym Buster App too!

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