Friday, 16 November 2012

Demonstrating communication issues

What do you see?

A duck or a rabbit?

This was used on a training course I attended to illustrate how even with very simple things there can be very different interpretations/experiences/opinions. Something like a single line drawing is really simple in comparison to issues patients and healthcare professionals face in every appointment on a daily basis. It is often surprising to realise just how different the perspectives of patients and doctors are . . . from what constitutes as routine to what symptoms are alarming or not and what is a good quality of life to what is the best treatment...

Having an image to illustrate this point can be powerful tool - I have used this when giving talks to healthcare professionals, and I have found it quite effective at conveying the extent of the issues that communication can create for patients and healthcare professionals alike!

This blog post is inspired by the WEGO Health National Health Blog Month suggestion for Day 16!

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