Monday, 24 September 2012

Mind Your Head Challenge

In August I attended the Mind Your Head Challenge in Dorset - a day around keeping mentally fit and active. Some interesting ideas came out through the day:

Mental health creates a £105bn drain on the NHS - higher than heart disease and cancer combined. Seems that message has not reached those commissioning services in the NHS!

It's all about journeys: the end result is often less important than the path and process of getting there. Obviously there are exceptions, but it does provide some comfort as my life takes a very convoluted route to nowhere, blown off track by LTCs!

Ten years ago the cost of stress in society was valued at £85bn. I would hate to guess what the revised value be for now?!

We have one mind and one future - the two are intrinsically linked! Such a good phrase highlighting the importance of considering the mind when treating physical conditions.

Some food for thought!

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