Monday, 24 September 2012

Another gem in the Times

Melanie Reid, journalist in The Times and author of Spinal Column in the Saturday Magazine, is a great hero and role model of mine. Every week she captures my sentiments and moves me. Although my condition is nothing in comparison to hers, I feel she talks in such a human and honest way. One of the main reasons I look forward to Saturdays!!!
Melanie Reid (Source: The Times)

This week she was talking about things she can no longer do and said this which struck such a chord with me:
"Action woman can't plan action when she no longer exists, except in her memories."

Last week she talked about the (lack of) off-buttons. "no, this isn't believable. This is too much - it's just too far fetched, and you reach out to hit the off button on the TV remote. Except you can't; because what's happening is for real. . . . The terrible but where you shake your head and change TV channel. Except we can't."

Another feeling I am quite familiar with, put into words in such an accurate and honest way!

I am so sorry for all that Melanie endures, but so grateful that she has the courage to verbalise these sentiments in a national paper for us all to share, because we do all share the sentiments, don't we?!

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