Friday, 28 December 2012

Patient Opinion and giving feedback

I had the best Christmas present this year (on the 27th December!), when I visited the orthotist at Dorset County Hospital. I was given a neck brace, which signifies the first tentative steps towards getting back on the water - a very exciting prospect for a sailor land-locked by doctors!

Whilst I have experienced very frustrating appointments from the NHS, I have also been privileged to experience first hand a brilliant NHS too. And I feel very strongly that, when appropriate, positive feedback should be given.

The balance of negative to positive feedback is at its most skewed in healthcare I think - just take a glance at the Daily Mail once in a while! Giving feedback is one of our responsibilities as patients towards the NHS - whether positive or negative - as outlined in the NHS's best kept secret, the NHS Constitution.

After this appointment, which left me moved by the excellence the NHS is capable of, I took to Patient Opinion to share my story. I wanted the kind orthotist who had the unfortunate short straw of working on the 27th December to know that it was worth him coming to work, and very much appreciated and for the hospital to know it was offering a good service too. So here is my story on the Patient Opinion website . . .

UPDATE: January is starting to feel like one long medical appointment, but a very good one! A really positive appointment with the neuro-physiotherapists yesterday prompted me to share again on Patient Opinion. I experienced first hand the great benefits of being involved in my care, shared-decision making and everything else the NHS agenda is pushing for at the moment. Here is the story on Patient Opinion:

Thank you to Dorset County Hospital for the positive experiences and to Patient Opinion for allowing me to share it!

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